Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the requirements of the module?

You need a NOC-PS Installation. To use all functions of the module, you need an IPMI/BMC/iLO/DRAC management card or a remote power switch. For Network Graphing you need to add your switch into NOC-PS (SNMP). For Sensor Graphing you need IPMI or a similar managment card which collect sensor values.

Which WHMCS and PHP versions are supported?

You need WHMCS v6 or higher. The module does work with PHP 5 and PHP 7.

Can i blacklist Operating Systems?

Yes, you can globally blacklist Operating System Profiles. By default, the profiles “Collect hardware information” and “Wipe hard disks” are disabled.

Can i blacklist or whitelist Operating Systems for specific products?

Yes, you can. This is useful if you offer licensed windows versions or other chargeable software. But currently there is no GUI Support for it. More informations can be found at our documentation.

Can Dedicated Servers get automatically deployed?

You can deliver your server instantly if they are on stock. Configurable Options are also supported and can be setted at our server manager.

Can Dedicated Servers get automatically suspended?

You can shutdown the server automatically. Moreover we integrated a hook system so you can also execute your own code when a server get suspended / unsuspended / terminated.

Do you have VPS support?

Virtual Servers can be automatically created after ordering. Your clients can manage the VPS at the client area.

What about module updates?

You will get automatically informed when a new version is available. Dont worry about updates – we ensure that updates will not break anything in your system and we keep template changes at a minimum. If there are template changes necessary, you can see them in our git repo. Before releasing a new version, we make unit tests and also test all features manually.

Can i add multiple NOC-PS installations into one WHMCS Installation?

Sure, that is supported. Just add a new NOC-PS Server at WHMCS and start using. The server manager at the module administration will combinate all servers into one view.

Can i install the module on multiple WHMCS Installations

For every WHMCS Installation you need a own license.

Can IPMI be in a non-public network area?

Yes. Customers and support staff can even access IPMI without a VPN. More information about the proxy feature can be found here

How can i get a free trial?

You can order a 3 day trial here.