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Auto Login From WHMCS Mails

Released 07.09.2017
Last Updated 17.08.2021
Category WHMCS
Compatibility WHMCS v6 - v8.4
Price € 19.99 / SEMI-ANNUALLY
Auto Login From WHMCS Mails

From now on, your customers do not must to log in into your client area manually. This module makes it possible to send an automatic login link. When opened, the customer will be automatically logged in and redirected to the desired page.

Works on every page

The auto login links works on every WHMCS page. Even on third party addon pages or custom pages.

Easy to use

Just add &{$modautologin} to an existing link at the WHMCS mail template editor to send auto-login links.

No template changes

You are not required to do any template changes. All messages are shown by Javascript.

Extensive configuration options

The module can be configured exactly to your requirements. You can specify how long the links are valid, whether 2FA users are allowed to use this feature, how many page views are allowed, and much more.

It is also possible that customers can unsubscribe from Auto-Login links. In the settings you can also configure that the auto-login is disabled by default and the user must first enable this in his account profile.

Works on every page

The auto-login links works on every WHMCS page, even module pages or custom WHMCS pages are supported.

The login links automatically log in as a customer and open the page you want. A practical example is the billing page. Integrate the auto-login link into your WHMCS invoice mail template and the customer no longer has to manually log in to pay his bill.

Easy installation

The installation process for the module is very simple. In our documentation you find an exact installation guide and other useful information.

To make a page accessible via auto-login, you just need to attach {$modautologin} to the existing links in your WHMCS mail templates.


If you have additional questions, please contact our support


Ready to get started?

The installation of the module is very easy and our documentation explains all the steps.

What Our Clients Says

WevrLabs Hosting

Hosting Provider

Deploymentcode modules, Mail Tracker and IP Login History, have been a great aid for us in our day-to-day operations. Using Mail Tracker, we are able to track and record mail deliveries for all the messages sent from the system to end users. The IP Login History is another great module, which adds more insight on user account security, by recording account logins from unknown sources. The support offered by Deploymentcode team is of top quality, we had an issue using the MailTracker module, and support staff went the extra mile to help us setup the addon correctly in our system.


Hosting Provider

The WHMCS Support PIN module from Deploymentcode is exactly what we have been looking for. Since we most of our technical support is provided over live chat, it made it very easy and convenient for our support agent to ask our clients to provide a support PIN in order to ensure that they are the rightful owner of their accounts. Not only it is helpful to quickly locate accounts but it also puts off anyone that tries to gather information about our clients in a fraudulous way. Additionally, we found out that clients are always happy with anything that ads more security to their accounts.

Estudios MAX

Hosting Provider

I bought the Auto Login From Mails WHMCS module and it works excellent! It is the perfect tool that makes it much easier for my clients to make their payments or access their client account. The technical service is very efficient and they give me the necessary assistance in terms of problems that I had with the initial configuration. It is a very responsible company and we are very happy to be able to work together!

Conffi Host

Hosting Provider

I had some problems with the autologin module due to bugs in my WHMCS installation but I received really amazing support, more than finding the problem, I received a solution and they already ran and fixed everything even though it was not a problem with the module. I am very satisfied with the service and support I received.

Daka Media KG

Media Agency

Deploymentcode helped us with dozen problems and projects. We don't have that much experience with PHP and MySQL, but Deploymentcode helped us out with a lot of experience. We are totally satisfied and thankful for the excellent and outstanding work. We will definitely continue ordering services / products from Deploymentcode.

DediOutlet Network Services

Hosting Provider

We have been using Deploymentcode's NOC-PS module for over a year now, and it has been an absolute blessing. Their support is great, and they are constantly updating the module and adding great features (like the RDNS feature which is a HUGE time saver). Without this module we would have to manually install and deploy every single service, which would be completely unsustainable. We have tried other modules before too, but this one is by far the best!

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