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Share and contribute on shopping carts

With this module your customers can share the cart or save it for later. Furthermore, it is possible that the employees share a shopping cart. This is ideal if the customer wants a ready-made solution, but can not find his way.

For Clients

Customers can save their shopping cart via a link and access it at a later time without having to add and configure all products again.

For Collaboration

Customers can show their cart via link to other team members, making it easier to review the order. Everyone can change the basket and divide again.

provide better help

The support staff can help the customer with the order. The customer can show support his basket and the support can customize the basket and then send the new shopping cart link to the customer.

ready-made shopping carts for advertising

You can create ready-made shopping cart links and then advertise them. This simplifies the shopping experience and customers can complete their order faster.

Share and contribute on shopping carts


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How long does the installation take?

The installation is very easy. You just need to upload and activate the module. The share link get automatically added to your template via javascript.

Is the module compatible with all products?

Yes, absolutely all configurations and products are supported.

Can I change the look of the module?

Yes, you can edit the template as you like. You can customize the whole template.

Can I insert the share button myself?

Yes, if you want the button somewhere else, you can disable the javascript auto-insert and put the button in the cart where you like.

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