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Dedicated Server Manager (NOC-PS for WHMCS)

Released 15.06.2017
Last Updated 09.01.2023
Category WHMCS
Compatibility WHMCS v6 - v8.10
Price € 199.99 / YEAR
Automated Provisioning

Automate your server business. Start provisioning dedicated server & VPS orders automatically.

Configurable Options

Provision server automatically depending on configurable options.

ACL Groups

Permit or deny features in the client area for individual servers.

Hook System

Several hooks exist to execute your own PHP code when specific events occur.

Automated OS Installations

Your Clients can re-install the Operating System. NOC-PS addons like RAID are supported.


Your clients & staff can open the KVM Console directly in WHMCS.

KVM & IPMI Proxy

With the proxy system, your staff and customers can reach private IPs without VPN.

Statistical Graphs

Traffic and IPMI sensor graphs are available directly in the client area.

And more

Reverse DNS Management, VPS support (+ IPv6), Bandwidth accounting, and more.

More Information

Important: To be able to use the module, you need a NOC-PS installation

Admin Features

In the WHMCS administration area, you can see all details about the servers at a glance. You can restart the server directly from the admin interface, open IPMI or KVM, initiate operating system reinstalls, or boot the server into the rescue modes.

The module offers you a variety of sophisticated features to make the sale of servers as easy as possible. These features are not only limited to the core functions of server management, but features like stock control and our self-developed IPMI proxy system help you to make things as easy and automated as possible.

Convince yourself and request a free trial version of the module. Please note that our module is based on NOC-PS. This means that you need a NOC-PS installation to use the module.

Client Features

In the customer area, your customers can perform all common administrative tasks themselves with the help of the easy-to-use interface, without having to ask you for support. Among other things, your customers can control the power supply of the server, start new installations, set reverse DNS entries and much more.

The ACL system allows you to set individual permissions for each server. For example, you can configure that no reinstallation or power reset should be possible for certain products. Ideal for managed service providers.

Module Features

Hundreds of features and options give you total control over the module. During development we always try to make every single feature as configurable as possible, because we know that every provider works differently and has different expectations about the workflow. You can influence every relevant automation, or completely disable individual automations if you prefer to do some things manually.

A special feature is certainly the deep support of configurable options, which allows your customers to completely customize their server during the order process. The module then detects which server corresponds to the selected configuration and automatically starts provisioning of the system.

Client Area

Eye-catching management page

Customers can restart the server at any time and view the current traffic usage in real-time. If the customer has installed his own operating system manually via KVM, the client can update the operating system name easily. The operating system logo is dynamically adjusted by an appropriate one.

Real Time & Easy to handle

The customer panel contains many AJAX elements. For example, the power status, and the traffic usage are displayed in real-time. Power actions are performed without site reloads. The client panel is self-explanatory so that every customer can easily perform all required tasks.

Reverse DNS Management

Customers and administrators can modify the Reverse DNS entry via the module site. The Reverse DNS system is extensible for programmers, so that own DNS providers can be integrated. PowerDNS is supported by default.

Network and Sensor Graphs

Most people like graphs. We have implemented network traffic graphs and great-looking IPMI sensors graphs. Multiple network ports are supported. For each assigned network port, a graph is generated and displayed.


IPMI and KVM can be opened directly from the customer portal. As with every customer panel function, it is of course also possible to deactivate the use of these functions for the customer. If you run IPMI and KVM behind private IPs, your customers will still be able to access them. Without additional software like OpenVPN. With our WebProxy, which you can deploy within minutes, you still have the same security as with private IPs.

Server Management

You can import ISO files into your NOC PS installation and allow your customers to boot their server from an ISO file out of the customer portal. This works for dedicated servers and virtual servers (VPS). At the ACL Group page, you can activate the ISO boot feature for the desired groups. And for each ACL group, you can provide individual ISOs.

Admin Area

Client Server Management

In the admin interface of the client product, you can perform all necessary tasks without any detours. You can restart the server, open IPMI / KVM, change the NOC-PS description of the server, reinstall the server or boot into rescue mode, and more.

ACL Management

You can assign an ACL group to each server in which you specify exactly what activities the client is allowed to perform. For example, you can prohibit the opening of the KVM console or new installations. Each main feature can be enabled or disabled.

Configurable Notifications & AUTOMATION

With our module, all tasks can be automated. However, there are cases in which manual processing would be better or which you would prefer to perform manually. In the settings of the module you can define exactly which tasks should be automated and for which things you want a notification.

Detailed Activity log

The module keeps its own activity log in which all activities are recorded, so you can always see what is happening in your system. The activity log also records which user (client or admin) started the activity.

Automated Provisioning

Support for Dedicated Servers & VPS

You can deliver both dedicated servers and VPS in an automated way. We have invested a lot of time and effort to make the module highly configurable. There are a lot of settings that you can use to configure how the module should work. For example, you can automatically overwrite the disks after a service termination, or before a new deployment. Even with multiple NOC-PS instances the module works smoothly - it combines the data from all NOC-PS instances in one interface.

Configurable Options

A highlight of the module is the excellent support of configurable options. With the use of configurable options you can let your clients choose about options like RAM, HDD size and operating system. There are no hardcoded configurable options, you can choose everything yourself. On the server management page of the module you then assign the possible values to the servers. That way the module always delivers the appropriate server (provided there is a system available in the configuration).

Maintain Full Control

If you don't want to automate the provisioning of dedicated servers, the module will still help you find the right server. In the order details, the module shows you which server corresponds to the customer configuration, so that you can directly perform the assignment. You can also exclude individual servers from automated provisioning with a few mouse clicks. For example, if a server is broken.

Automated OS installation

The customer can select the desired operating system during ordering. The module will install the operating system and send the WHMCS Welcome Mail after the installation is complete. Using the "Pre-Run" functionality you can ensure that the contents of all hard drives are wiped before delivery to ensure that no data from the previous customer is on the server.

Support for VPS

The module can automatically create VPS via NOC-PS. Of course, configurable options are also supported, so the customer can choose the number of CPU cores, RAM and so on. With our "IP Manager" you have full control over which IPs get assigned to new orders. The IP Manager also allows you to reserve IPs, set RDNS entries, and set comments to IPs for better tracking. That provides you with a great overview of your IP addresses.

IPv6 Support

The module can automatically assign an IPv6 address to the newly created VPSs. The module supports entire subnets or individual addresses from an IPv6 subnet. Again, the flexibility of the module gives you all the freedom you need - you can determine in the interface which nodes are compatible with which subnets (for example, for different data centers).

IPMI Proxy

Private Network for IPMI / KVM? No problem

Our self-developed IPMI proxy system allows your customers and employees to access your IPMI network via the public Internet. Security is top priority, access is only possible for the authorized person on the assigned server. Your other servers on the same private network are still isolated.

Easy Installation

The installation of the IPMI Proxy is very easy and fully automated. You just enter the hostname and the root password (or the SSH key) in the module interface, and the module does the rest. You don't need to execute a single SSH command on the proxy.

Support for multiple proxies

The module supports the management of multiple proxies, so even if you are located in multiple data centers, you can still enjoy the proxy system. The module can even automatically detect which proxy is compatible with which server. However, you can also bind each proxy to a NOC-PS instance manually.

Simple Management

The module interface allows you to see for each proxy how often it has been used and if all services are running properly. Reinstallations or updates of proxies are also done directly from the module's interface. No manual administration of the proxies is necessary.

General information

Stock Monitor

The module can automatically monitor the stock status of your products and adjust the number of available servers in WHMCS. With the help of this feature, you can always make sure that the ordered product is in stock. Find out more here.

Bandwidth collection

The module can record the bandwidth consumption of the servers and display it in WHMCS. In the module settings, you can define what should happen when the bandwidth limit is exceeded (charge for additional bandwidth, admin/customer notification, suspension, etc.).

Intelligent detection of problems

The module automatically detects possible problems and informs you about them. For example, if a suspended server is reassigned, but the previous client pays the open invoice, the module will block the automatic unsuspension and inform you that the server has already been assigned to another client.

Depending Configurable Options

Depending configurable options to avoid invalid configurations via configurable options are unfortunately not part of the module, but we offer this as a separate module. This module is used by many customers who use our NOC-PS module. More information.

Reseller API

If you have resellers who resell your servers, we have a paid addon for NOC-PS that allows you to give your resellers API access to NOC-PS without sacrificing security and with no additional configuration effort. Check our Infographic.

And much more

The functional scope of the module is gigantic. Hooks and extensions for developers, OS blacklisting, and much more are waiting for you. Unfortunately, it would go beyond the scope to describe every detail on a single page. If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to contact us. By the way, you can find a detailed description of all features in our documentation.


If you have additional questions, please contact our support


Ready to get started?

The installation of the module is very easy and our documentation explains all the steps.

What Our Clients Says

WevrLabs Hosting

Hosting Provider

Deploymentcode modules, Mail Tracker and IP Login History, have been a great aid for us in our day-to-day operations. Using Mail Tracker, we are able to track and record mail deliveries for all the messages sent from the system to end users. The IP Login History is another great module, which adds more insight on user account security, by recording account logins from unknown sources. The support offered by Deploymentcode team is of top quality, we had an issue using the MailTracker module, and support staff went the extra mile to help us setup the addon correctly in our system.


Hosting Provider

The WHMCS Support PIN module from Deploymentcode is exactly what we have been looking for. Since we most of our technical support is provided over live chat, it made it very easy and convenient for our support agent to ask our clients to provide a support PIN in order to ensure that they are the rightful owner of their accounts. Not only it is helpful to quickly locate accounts but it also puts off anyone that tries to gather information about our clients in a fraudulous way. Additionally, we found out that clients are always happy with anything that ads more security to their accounts.

Estudios MAX

Hosting Provider

I bought the Auto Login From Mails WHMCS module and it works excellent! It is the perfect tool that makes it much easier for my clients to make their payments or access their client account. The technical service is very efficient and they give me the necessary assistance in terms of problems that I had with the initial configuration. It is a very responsible company and we are very happy to be able to work together!

Conffi Host

Hosting Provider

I had some problems with the autologin module due to bugs in my WHMCS installation but I received really amazing support, more than finding the problem, I received a solution and they already ran and fixed everything even though it was not a problem with the module. I am very satisfied with the service and support I received.

Daka Media KG

Media Agency

Deploymentcode helped us with dozen problems and projects. We don't have that much experience with PHP and MySQL, but Deploymentcode helped us out with a lot of experience. We are totally satisfied and thankful for the excellent and outstanding work. We will definitely continue ordering services / products from Deploymentcode.

DediOutlet Network Services

Hosting Provider

We have been using Deploymentcode's NOC-PS module for over a year now, and it has been an absolute blessing. Their support is great, and they are constantly updating the module and adding great features (like the RDNS feature which is a HUGE time saver). Without this module we would have to manually install and deploy every single service, which would be completely unsustainable. We have tried other modules before too, but this one is by far the best!

Hosting Provider

The support is always fast and focused. I like that very much. We use some modules from Deploymentcode. All modules work perfectly and offer a wide range of functions. If a module has a feature you need, you get a quote quickly. The function is then available promptly or with the next release. Even if you need your own development, Deploymentcode is happy to support you. I can highly recommend it and love the cooperation.

Binary Racks

Hosting Provider

Deploymentcode helped us to automate WHMCS processes that we had to do it manually in the past, Support is swift and friendly. Thanks for the great work!

SaneChoice Limited

Hosting Provider

We have used Deploymentcode for their WHMCS modules and also some customer development related to WHMCS Hooks. Their modules are very well built and provide great functionality. And their development services are spot one, with great code and efficient turn-around time. Really impressed with Deploymentcode, and looking forward to a long relationship.

Beehosting Ltd.

Hosting Provider

We found a module that helped us solve the important task of redirecting a client from mail to account without having to log in. There were problems during the installation, but we were able to find a solution that the developers suggested to us. Thanks for the professional and fast support.

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