Extended Domain Reminders For WHMCS

A drop-in replacement for the standard WHMCS domain reminder system

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Start Sending Professional Domain Expire Reminders

The standard system for domain reminders of WHMCS is in need of improvement. Apart from the limitations, it sends individual reminders for each domain, instead of grouping them, and floods your clients with mails when they have multiple domains.
This module enhances and extends the domain reminder system of WHMCS.

Start Sending Professional Domain Expire Reminders
Personalized Subjects

Create meaningful, fully customizable mail subjects and mail textes where your customer can directly see all details.

Domain Grouping

Instead of sending a single reminder for each domain, now you can summarized everything in just one email.

Highly Configurable

The module offers a powerful subject syntax, selection of different mail templates per reminder type, supports multi-language and offers various settings.

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Dynamic Mail Subjects

With the mail subject engine you can create individual mail subjects. There are several options available so that customers can immediately see which domains the mail exactly affects.

You can specify which subject is used when it is just about one domain, or when it concerns multiple domains.

Different Mail Templates for each reminder

You can choose which mail template will be sent with which reminder. For example, you might want to send another mail template if the domain expires the next day.

The number of reminder emails is configurable. By contrast, the standard WHMCS system can send a maximum of 5 reminders.

Drop-in Replacement

The module supplements the existing standard mail variables with a few other very useful variables. You can even continue to use the default WHMCS mail template without changing anything.

For example, with the new variables, you can directly send the link to the open invoice, if there is one, and if not, you can send the link to renew the domain.

In our documentation you find information about which variables the module additionally offers.

Mail Variables Documentation

Send based on expire date

The standard WHMCS system sends the mails based on the next-due date. This has some disadvantages. The biggest problem is that when you set the next due date in advanced, WHMCS only targets that date.

If you change the number of days to deduct, some customers will receive the reminders twice, and even worse, some customers will not receive any reminders at all.

This module solves the problem because it uses only the real expire date to calculate.

The most important facts at a glance

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